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Here at FutureStateMachine, we pride ourselves on making interactive VR projects and games which focus on exploring new and experimental concepts, storytelling and encouraging cognitive empathy from our players.  We also do the odd work for hire contract so please get in touch if you need some help on your upcoming virtual, augmented or mixed reality project.  We're positive we can help you in a multitude of ways.





OfficeBots: Reality Bytes

is a little game with a big heart. Explore a wonderfully weird corporate office, listen to your robotic co-workers’ stories, and help to solve their problems. Ultimately your goal is to find a way to escape, but your journey to freedom will give you many opportunities to brighten up the lives of others.

Check out the online press kit if you'd like to know more.


You know the program: get a job, work, retire, then die. But what if you could short circuit the employment machine, interrupt the process, and escape?



You’re the new hire at a dreary office, recruited after your predecessor lost his head (literally). You’re expected to keep quiet, do your work, and be just another cog in a big machine, but instead you start chatting with your new colleagues. Each of them is a robot like you, disappointed by life and despairing of ever achieving their goals, resigned to spending the rest of their days stuck at a desk and staring at a screen.


However, if you can get to know your co-workers, learning about their dreams and their secret loves, you might be able to help them. In the course of bringing a little bit of happiness to a group of depressed robots, you may even discover a way to escape this dead end job and find a little happiness of your own.



OfficeBots: Reality Bytes was proud to be a part of the Virtual Reality Cinema's exhibition space at the St Kilda Film Festival 2017.   A wide variety of players had the unique opportunity to play the Beta version for free at the St Kilda Town Hall before it's release later in 2017.  You can have a look at the Festival Program Guide here.